Abe delays consumption tax hike until October 2019

Abe delays consumption tax hike until October 2019

The hike in the consumption tax will be delayed yet again, from April 2017 to October 2019, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on May 31, citing worries about the global economy.

He said he wanted to hear what voters say about the delay in the Upper House election on July 10.

Despite earlier speculation, Abe did not call for a Lower House election on the same day.










delay ~ ~を先延ばしにする
consumption tax  消費税
hike 引き上げ
yet again さらにもう一度
cite ~ ~を引き合いに出す、~に言及する
worry 心配、懸念
global economy 世界経済
voters 有権者
Upper House 参議院、(二院制の)上院。正式名は the House of Councilors。
election 選挙
despite ~ ~にもかかわらず、~をよそに
earlier (時間的に)前の、以前の
speculation 憶測、推測
call for ~ ~を求める。call an election で選挙を行う。
Lower House

衆議院、(二院制の)下院。the House of Representatives が正式名。

衆参同日選はdouble election と呼ばれる。