Massive quake strikes Nepal

Massive quake strikes Nepal



A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, causing major damage to the capital Kathmandu.

Many buildings and monuments collapsed as strong aftershocks continued to shake the country and surrounding areas. The death toll has passed 8,000 and there are fears of the spread of infectious diseases as there are not enough sanitation facilities for the large number of homeless people.






massive 巨大な
quake 地震 (= earthquake)
strike ~ ~を襲う (= hit)
major 重大な
damage 被害
capital 首都
monument 遺跡
collapse 倒壊する
aftershock 余震
shake~ ~を揺るがす
surrounding area 周辺地域
death toll 死者数
pass~ ~を超える
spread 広がり、まん延
infectious diseases 感染症、伝染病
sanitation facility  公衆衛生施設
the large number of   多数の