Almost half oppose use of collective self-defense

Almost half oppose use of collective self-defense

A Kyodo News survey has found that 48.1 percent of people are against using the country’s right to collective self-defense, while 39 percent support it. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on May 15 that he wanted to lift Japan’s self-imposed ban on using collective self-defense. The postwar Constitution’s Article 9 renounces Japan’s right to use force to help settle international disputes.







oppose 反対する
collective self-defense    集団的自衛
Kyodo News 共同通信社。日本を代表する通信社。
survey 世論調査
right 権利
lift  ~を解除する、~を解く
self-imposed 自ら課した
ban 禁止
postwar 戦後の
Constitution 憲法
Article 9 第9条
renounce ~を放棄する
force  武力
settle  ~を解決する
international disputes 国際紛争