Tensions rise as U.S. considers strikes on Syria

Tensions rise as U.S. considers strikes on Syria

As the threat of U.S. military strikes on Syria grew, fears in the region spread on Aug. 28. Thousands of Syrians fled to Lebanon as U.N. inspectors took blood and urine samples from victims of an Aug. 21 attack on a Damascus suburb. The White House says that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the attack.







tension 緊張
consider 熟考する
strike 攻撃
threat 脅威
military strike 軍事攻撃
grow 高まる
fear 懸念
spread 広まる
flee 避難する。過去形と過去分詞形はともにfled。
inspector 査察官
blood and urine sample              血液と尿検査用のサンプル
victim 被害者
attack 攻撃
suburb 郊外
White House アメリカ政府。ホワイトハウス(米大統領官邸)そのものをさすこともある。
chemical weapon 化学兵器