Ichiro reaches 4,000 hits in pro career

Ichiro reaches 4,000 hits in pro career

Ichiro Suzuki racked up a milestone on Aug. 21 in reaching his 4,000th hit in his professional career. The New York Yankees outfielder struck the hit against the Toronto Blue Jays. His teammates ran to meet him at first base as fans cheered and stood in their seats. Grinning from ear to ear, Ichiro bowed to the fans.






pro career (=professional career) プロとしてのキャリア―
rack up 達成する
milestone 偉業
outfielder 外野手。内野手は infielder。
strike the hit (against)  ~に対してヒットを打つ。struckは、strikeの過去形
cheer かっさいを送る
grin from ear to ear 満面の笑みをうかべる
bow お辞儀をする