Tokyo governor quits over funds scandal

Tokyo governor quits over funds scandal


Yoichi Masuzoe handed in his resignation as Tokyo governor on June 15 over a political funds scandal, adding uncertainty to the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The governor has been under fire for using political funds for allegedly improper” purposes and for lavish spending in office, including costly business trips overseas.








governor 知事
quits over ~ ~を理由に辞める
funds 資金。ここでは政治資金を指す。
scandal 不祥事、醜聞
hand in ~ ~を提出する
resignation 辞職願、辞表
political funds 政治資金
uncertainty 不確定要素、不安
preparations for ~ ~の準備
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 


正式名は the Games of the XXXII Olympiad


under fire for ~ ~で批判されている
allegedly ~ ~といわれている、~の疑いのある
improper 不適切な
lavish spending (経費の)浪費
in office 在職中の
costly 費用のかかる
business trips overseas 海外出張旅行