Japanese ship leaking fuel off Mauritius

Japanese ship leaking fuel off Mauritius


A Japanese merchant ship ran aground on the southeast coast of Mauritius on July 25. It began to leak fuel on Aug. 6 and is now a danger to corals, fish and marine life in the waters around it, according to officials of the Indian Ocean island nation.

The prime minister of Mauritius declared a state of environmental emergency on Aug. 6.

The Japanese government sent a disaster relief team to Mauritius.













leak ~ ~が漏れる、~を漏らす
fuel 燃料
merchant 商売の
run aground 座礁する
coast 海岸
coral サンゴ礁
marine life 海洋生物
state of environmental emergency 環境非常事態宣言(state of emergency「非常事態宣言」はよく使われる表現。)
disaster relief team 災害救援部隊