Three-peat: Finland happiest country on Earth once again

Three-peat: Finland happiest country on Earth once again


It was officially announced that, for the third straight year, Finland is the world’s happiest country.


The country was No. 1 in the 2020 World Happiness Report, an annual survey of 156 countries. The survey was done based on GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, social welfare, generosity, and so on by a United Nations body.


In essence this index says that the Finnish welfare state gives everyone an opportunity for well-being in life,” said Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on March 20.












three-peat  3連勝
straight 連続して
annual 毎年の、年1回の
survey 調査
GDP per capita 1人あたりのGDP
healthy life expectancy 健康寿命(健康上の問題で日常生活が制限されることなく生活できる期間)(life expectancy = 平均寿命)
generosity 寛容さ
body 機関
in essence 突き詰めると、内実は
index 指数
welfare state 社会保障制度
well-being 健康





Happiness report elevates Finland and other Nordics shows that people should look after each other.

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