French court says: Let the rooster crow

French court says: Let the rooster crow


A rooster has won a long-running lawsuit against humans in France.


Two years ago, a retired couple moved into a house in Oleron, an island off the coast of France.


The rooster next door crowed very loudly, so they sued the rooster’s owner to make it shut up.


But a judge said on Sept. 5 that the rooster can crow, and that the couple had to pay the owner €1,000 for damaging her reputation.


Some lawyers have suggested that the sounds and smells of the countryside, as part of France’s heritage, were prioritized over the couple’s claim.




















court 裁判所
rooster おんどり(雄のニワトリ)、hen=めんどり(雌のニワトリ)
crow (ニワトリが)鳴く
long-running 長く続いている
lawsuit 裁判
off the coast of ~ ~沖の
sue ~を訴える
shut up 黙らせる
reputation 評判
lawyer 法律家、弁護士
countryside 田舎の、地方の
heritage 遺産
prioritize ~ ~を優先させる
claim 主張、要求