Abe’s LDP suffers big loss in Tokyo assembly election

Abe’s LDP suffers big loss in Tokyo assembly election


Prime Minister Shinzo Abes Liberal Democratic Party suffered a historic defeat in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election on July 2.

The LDP won only 23 seats, a record low for the party.

The big winner on the day was Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike. Her new party Tomin First no Kai (Tokyoites First) took 49 seats.

Tomin First and its allies became the biggest force in the assembly, with 79 seats out of 127.









LDP 自由民主党。the Liberal Democratic Party の略称
suffer big loss 大敗を喫する。ここでは見出しのため、suffers と現在形で表記され、不定冠詞のa が省略されている
assembly 議会。ここでは東京都議会(the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly)を指す。
election 選挙
historic defeat 歴史的敗北
win ~ seats ~議席を獲得する。後に出てくる took ~ seats も同義
record low 史上最低記録
big winner 大勝利者
Gov. (=Governor) 知事
Tokyoites 東京都民、東京人
ally 支持勢力
biggest force 最大勢力