Nadeshiko Japan wins Asian Cup

Nadeshiko Japan wins Asian Cup



Japan beat Australia 1-0 on May 25 to win the
Women’s Asian Cup. Azusa Iwashimizu scored the only goal of the game with a header in the first half. It was Japan’s first Asian Cup victory, and the third try for Japan manager Norio Sasaki. “The third time was the charm,” he said after the match in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.







beat ~を下す、~を打ち負かす
0 発音は[nil]。”nil” は(スポーツのスコアが)0という意味。
score  点を取る
header ヘディング
first half    前半 ※後半はsecond half
victory 勝利
manager 監督
third time is the charm    三度目の正直
match 試合