ASEAN puts pressure on China

ASEAN puts pressure on China


Leading Southeast Asian nations on May 11 expressed “serious concerns over the on-going developments” in the South China Sea, where tensions have arisen between China and Southeast  Asian nations.

In early May, China moved an oil rig into territory that Vietnam claims as its own. Chinese ships have rammed Vietnamese ships in the area.







put pressure on ~ ~に圧力をかける
Southeast Asian nations   東南アジア諸国
serious concern 深刻な懸念
on-going 現在進行している
development 動き
South China Sea 南シナ海
tension 緊張
have arisen 生じている
oil rig 石油掘削(装置)。rigは(特定の目的の)装置・用具。
territory 領土、領海
claim 主張する
own 自分のもの
ram 衝突する