U.S., Canada gripped by polar vortex

U.S., Canada gripped by polar vortex

A bitterly cold blast of polar air held the U.S. Midwest in its grip on Jan. 6, and was moving toward the East and South and eastern Canada, according to the National Weather Service. It was the coldest and most dangerous cold front the United States has seen in decades. Officials warned people that venturing outside would risk nearly instant frostbite.



アメリカ、カナダ 極渦(きょくうず)に見舞われる




gripped by ~               ~の影響を強く受ける。この見出しでは、be動詞の are が省略されている
polar vortex 極渦。北極および南極の上空にできる大規模な気流の渦(うず)
blast 突風
cold front 寒冷前線
in decades 数十年で
venture 思い切って~する
frostbite 凍傷