Kumamon entertains Emperor, Empress

Kumamon entertains Emperor, Empress

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were confronted by a huge bear when they visited the Kumamoto prefectural office Oct. 28. Luckily, the bear was not dangerous. It was Kumamon, the prefecture’s official mascot. The popular black bear character entertained the Imperial Couple with comical movements. The couple thanked Kumamon for his performance.






entertain ~を楽しませる
Emperor 天皇陛下
Empress 皇后陛下。海外メディアでは、日本の天皇、皇后両陛下を 
Emperor Akihito (明仁天皇)and Empress Michiko (美智子皇后)
Crown Prince Naruhito (徳仁皇太子)、Crown Princess Masako (雅子皇太子妃)。
are confronted by ~               ~に対面する
official 公式の
mascot マスコット
Imperial Couple 天皇皇后両陛下
comical movements おかしな動き、滑稽な動作
performance 演技