Kids' Diet shows unity

Kids' Diet shows unity


Kids met in the Diet for two days to talk about important issues. One hundred and fifty schoolchildren aged 11 to 12 gathered in the Upper House on July 29 and 30 as part of Kodomo Kokkai. The children declared that they wouldn’t forget the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, and would “support each other through family and friends.”







Diet               国会、議会。国によってはParliament という言葉を使う。

unity             団結、結束

meet             集まる、(会が)開かれる。

aged~        (年齢が)~歳の。aged の前に(who are)を補うと分かりやすい。過去分詞の形容詞的用法。

          一例はThere is a house (that is )painted in yellow.(黄色く塗られた家があります)。

Upper House 参議院。正式にはthe House of Councillors。衆議院はthe Lower House (正式名はthe House of Representatives)。

declare         宣言する

Great East Japan Earthquake 東日本大震災