Famous Galapagos tortoise dies


Famous Galapagos tortoise dies

Lonesome George, the famous giant tortoise of Galapagos National Park,

was found dead on June 24. He was the last giant tortoise from Pinta Island.

The island is close to Ecuador. Park officials said he was about 100

years old. Giant tortoises live more than 100 years, and weigh around 400 kg.







Galapagos           ガラパゴス諸島

tortoise               カメ

lonesome            孤独な

giant tortoise     ゾウガメ

Galapagos National Park ガラパゴス国立公園

was found dead    死んでいるのが見つかった

Pinta Island       ピンタ島

Ecuador             エクアドル

weigh〜               ~の体重がある